Effective Tips for Staging Your Mansfield Home

In a competitive real estate market like Mansfield, one of the first steps to selling your home quickly (and for the most amount of money possible) is properly staging it. While your home may be spotless, carefully designed to suit your tastes, and luxurious in appearance, that doesn't make it "staged." Staging your home means transforming it into a blank canvas, a neutral palette that any new buyer can see themselves living in. Confused on how to get started? You've come to the right place. Let's begin!

The Exterior

It's all about curb appeal! The first impression is the most important, so you want to make sure potential buyers are "wowed" the minute they pull into your driveway.

Create Curb Appeal

Spend some time carefully updating your front yard. Mow the lawn and thoroughly weed your garden, try to limit any lawn ornaments you have on display, and be sure that your mailbox looks brand new and attractive.

Make the Front Porch Welcoming

The front porch is an important part of both your home and your front yard. If you have house numbers by your front door, be sure they are shiny and clean. Consider painting your front door an attractive, but neutral, color and maybe even replacing the doorknob. Window shutters should be clean and bright.

Spruce Up Outdoor Areas

Let's walk around to the back yard. Is everything well taken care of? This area should be attractive and inviting! The lawn should be expertly landscaped, any gardens should be clean, weeded, and brimming with bright flowers and foliage, and any fallen leaves or branches should be tidied up. Consider adding lawn chairs, a hammock, or even a fire pit to help potential buyers envision the lifestyle your home has to offer!

Cleaning & Repairs

At the very least, your home needs to be in top-top shape! Nothing turns a buyer off faster than a noticeable maintenance issue, a messy or unappealing home, or clutter. Take some time to make sure every room in your home is looking its best.

Finish Any Lingering Projects

Have a side room you've been updating for the past few months? What about an incomplete fire pit in the backyard? Nothing is more intimidating to a potential buyer than an incomplete project. Make sure all of yours are finished, and looking great, before buyers come for a tour.

Clear Out the Clutter

Spend a weekend going through every room in your home. Go through the closets, shelves, cabinets, counters, and any other storage areas and get rid of anything that's taking up space or not being used. Leave no stone unturned! Consider having a yard sale if the weather allows, starting an eBay or PoshMark account, or even donating your extra belongings to a local charity. If you have large furniture pieces that you can't bear to part with, consider renting a storage unit.

Get to Cleaning

This isn't the fun part of staging, but it's one of the most important. Your home needs to sparkle! It may be worth your while to hire a professional cleaning service to come in and tackle every room in your home. They'll be able to handle all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and then you'll just have to keep it tidy between tours. If you have a pet, you should steam clean your rugs and add a soft-scented fragrance to mask any lingering odors.

Interior Decor

Now that you've laid the foundation for an expertly staged home, it's time to start looking for ways to impress your buyers by creating a space that's invitingly neutral.

Depersonalize Your Decor

Your home is probably designed to suit your tastes and needs — but not all home buyers are going to share your decor preferences. It's best to go neutral, simple, and clean when staging your home. If you have any brightly painted walls, consider repainting with a neutral color. Remove all personal decor you have and replace with thoughtful artwork and centerpieces. All in all, you're aiming to create a home that looks as if it's easy to live in for buyers—but no specifically designed for you.

Create Balance with Furniture

There's a fine line between a room that flows effortlessly and one that looks cluttered, and it all has to do with how you arrange your furniture! Don't overcrowd a room, but don't leave it feeling too bare. Furniture should be "floated" away from the walls to create a cozy feel.

The Final Details

You've worked hard to declutter, depersonalize, and clean your home within an inch of its life—now it's time for the fun part! Find little ways to add that "wow" factor to your home, and really make it a special experience for buyers. Just air on the safe side with your choices to keep everything simple and bright.

Increase Your Lighting

One easy way to make your home warm and inviting is by increasing the lighting whenever you can. If the weather is pleasant, open windows and pull back all the drapes to let in the sunlight! Replace the light bulbs in your home with high-wattage bulbs, and make sure that every room is well-lit. Aim to have three types of lighting in every room: ambient (your overhead lighting), task (think reading lamps), and accent (tasteful table or floor lamps).

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Now for the truly fun part! While your overall decor should be neutral and tasteful, you can still add bright splashes of color in the form of potted plants, clipped flowers, or fall branches. This will bring a seasonal feel to your staged home, and keep it warm and welcoming.

Resources for Selling Your Mansfield, Connecticut Home

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