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Deborah Chabot is an extraordinary real estate broker. She was integral in helping my daughter and grandkids, a single Mom who was accepted at UConn for her PHD the end of March, find a new home that they could afford and close by the end of June . They were relocating from NY. She framed the marketplace and expectations for my daughter right at the start so that no time was wasted looking at unaffordable properties. Because she knows the Mansfield area communities so well she was able to pick out a handful of properties to show my daughter on our first viewing. She recommended property with rental income, something that neither my daughter or I had thought of. She also showed a sampling of properties to show a range of styles and price. On the first trip my daughter found the home of her " dreams."

Deborah then played a key role in finding all of the services we would need to close on the mortgage: the inspector, a mortgage banker, a local attorney etc. All of her recommendations were excellent . She also made herself available almost on a 24/7 basis always responding to text messages, emails and calls in a timely fashion . She worked with the buyer to solve an inspection problem in time to make the closing under a very tight deadline. She never complained when faced with yet another hurdle. In fact, she played a pivotal role in getting all of the required information to the Bank in a timely fashion and as required.

Without her exceptional relationships and knowledge, we would not have made the closing. When she asked my grandkids how they like their new home, they said it is " amazing . " We owe that to all of her hard work. We felt that she took special care of us even though we know the buyer engages the broker. And as my daughter and grandkids settled into their new community she also continued to help them with referrals and information. Deborah did much more than to help sell a property. She made a dream come true and helped a family to start a new life . For this we are eternally grateful.

Deborah E. Virella

If you are buying in Tolland County, CT, she has a lot of energy and puts her heart and soul into it. She is also phenomenal in recommending the right people for peripheral support, be it insurance companies, building contractors, and the like. She also tells you what she thinks and will not try to  sell you just anything to get the sale, in my experience. She's a real resource because she knows everyone in this town.

Mansfield Buyer

Deb was truly fantastic from beginning to end. A true professional and she works with prospective buyers very well. Very knowledgeable and she helped us with every step of our transaction along the way. Deb followed up with any questions or concerns we had as perspective buyers, and help  guide us in making our decision on the purchase of our new home. Highly recommended for all.


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