Tolland County Public Schools

Searching for a home in Tolland County, CT or thinking of relocating to the area? Learn more about the public school options available and start searching homes for sale within the county’s school districts.

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Public School Districts in Tolland County

Tolland County is comprised of numerous communities, many of which have their own school districts. Some of the largest districts within the county include:

  • Regional School District No 8 (Hebron)
  • Coventry School District (Coventry)
  • Ellington Public Schools (Ellington)
  • Tolland School District (Tolland)
  • Bolton School District (Bolton)
  • Regional School District No 19 (Storrs)
  • Stafford School District (Stafford)
  • Mansfield School District (Storrs)

Hebron Public Schools

This PreK – 6 district serves 730 students with a 12:1 student-teacher ratio. It feeds into the larger Regional School District No 8, also based in Hebron, which serves 1,500 students grades 7 - 12.

Coventry School District

Based in Coventry, CT, Coventry School District serves over 1,600 students in grades PreK – 12 in two elementary, one middle, and one high school. It's also home to Coventry Academy.

Ellington Public Schools

Based out of Ellington, CT, EPS serves over 2,600 students across grades PreK – 12 in three elementary, two middle, and one high school. Despite being a larger district, it stll enjoys low student-teacher radios of 14:1.

Tolland School District

Ranked among the best districts in the state, TSD is home to two elementary school, one middle school, one high school, and one alternative learning center, which together serve over 2,500 students.

Bolton School District

Based out of bolton, this small district is home to just 814 students in grades PreK through 12. It's home to one elementary, one middle, and one high school, and enjoys a low student-teacher radio of just 12:1.

Mansfield School District

Mansfield School District is home to 1,200 students in PreK through 8. It feeds into Regional School District No 19, which serves 1,200 students at two campuses of Smith High School.

Stafford School District

Based around the town of Stafford Springs, CT, Stafford SD is home to over 1,500 students in its three elementary, one middle, and one high school.

Somers School District

Somers School District serves over 1,400 students in its three schools: Somers Elementary, Somers Middle, and Somers High.

Vernon School District

The largest district in the county, Vernon School District is home to five elementary, one middle, and Rockville High School, which together serve over 3,100 PreK – 12 students at an impressively low student-teacher radio of just 12:1.

Find Home in Tolland County

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